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1969 – the era of peace, love, and understanding.


Or is it?


When Angela Jones' boyfriend is shot before her eyes, she not only stares danger in the face; she learns things about herself she could never have imagined – that she was the Goddess Isis in a past life, complete with magical goddess powers, and she can use these powers to save the world. But – should she?


Join Ange for a cosmic adventure as she struggles to become the wise goddess she’d been in the days of Ancient Egypt. Will she learn the lessons of Isis in time to restore a tumultuous world to peace, love, and understanding? Can she save the earth and everyone on it – humans, magical creatures, angels, demons, and deities – from forces that have taken it to the eve of destruction, all while grooving to the greatest tunes played by the coolest DJ ever to hit the radio waves?

Atomic Goddess: Isis Reborn - EPUB File

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