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Mary’s Revenge


She followed unseen through the gas-lit night

Walking, walking

Always keeping him in her sight

Stalking, stalking

He felt her presence but knew not where

He turned to look but no one was there

He nearly ran but he didn’t dare

Baulking, baulking


She shadowed him through the alleyways

Striding, striding

Through dank and misty midnight haze

Biding, biding

He smelt the danger all around

He yearned to get back underground

He feared each shadow, feared each sound

Hiding, hiding


She tailed her victim diligently

Waiting, waiting

Dogging his steps inexorably

Hating, hating

He melted into the sewer’s gloom

He spurned the streets for his hidden room

He steered towards his unknown doom

Fating, fating


She travelled unheeding of the dark

Going, going

She had the measure of her mark

Knowing, knowing

He sheltered his eyes but saw her yet

He burned with fear and rage and sweat

He sneered as she came to collect his debt

Owing, owing


She left when her vengeance had been served

Fulfilling, fulfilling

Having delivered what he deserved

For killing, for killing

He’d knelt by her sisters with each attack

He’d learned to rip like a maniac

He seared into history a dread name - Jack

Chilling, chilling

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