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Just Getting On With It

Some of the fruits borne from Just Getting On With It

Most people might consider life to be a wee bit of a worrisome drag at the moment, with all that’s going on in the world. Not so much me. But then, I guess I’m not most people. For, as far as I can see, there isn’t a lot that is more important, when times are tough and spirits are low, than simply getting on with things.

Is that a murmur of discontent I hear in the background? ‘What,’ do I hear you say, ‘would you know about it? How can you give advice when the whole world is topsy-turvy and people’s health and finances are in such jeopardy and things-are-so-bad-and-who-knows-when-they’ll-get-better-and-life-will-never-be-the-same-again-noooooooooo…’

Actually, come to think about it, most people I know aren’t murmuring or reacting or (god forbid) panicking to that extent. Most of us just seem to be making the most of things and… getting on with it.

And thank goodness for that. Even John Cleese commented recently on people’s behaviour, enough to say that it seems that those who are panicking are going about it in completely the wrong way. (Typical.) But, back to the subject in hand.

There’s a lot to be said (or at least, it has been said in the past) for that grand old British institution – the stiff upper lip. Vikings invading your homeland? Stiff Upper Lip. Plague sweeping your village? Keep thyself to thyself and keepeth thy Upper Lip Stiffeth. War-time bombs raining down on your capital city? No worries, old chum, Stiff Upper Lip, what? VAT* hitting hard? Maintain that iron constitution and keep the old Stiff Upper Lip.

For a while there, it seemed to have gone out of fashion in favour of several decades of ‘ME! ME! ME!’ (In short, growing mass-consumerism fuelled by plastic credit, a burgeoning desire for instant gratification, and a completely misplaced sense of personal entitlement.) Glad to see it’s making a comeback, for it’s my opinion that it’s sorely needed, especially at this point in history.

In fact, I think it’s long overdue for re-inclusion in our society.

And it’s happening. People are finally doing a lot of the things they put off because of the now excessively over-used excuse of ‘time poverty’. Cleaning out their houses. Noticing nature, even if it’s only in their back yard or a local park. Cutting down on non-essential use of their cars. Getting exercise. Learning new crafts and other skills. Spending time with their immediate family, and contacting more distant friends and family by phone or internet.

Even with the new stresses and worries that the current situation is causing, there are plenty of benefits being realised. People are re-adjusting, and learning all over again what it means to be truly human. Learning to really connect with and relate to each other, with people who matter to them, especially their nearest and dearest instead of some primped-up, pumped-up, perfect-looking celebrity.

It’s almost like a great ‘waking up’. We are all just ‘getting on with it’, and realising that we want those things in our lives – the slower pace, the time with loved ones, the time for introspection, the realness of being human, instead of constantly trying to escape it and distract ourselves with the hive-mind mentality of mass consumerism and entertainment-on-tap. What a breath of fresh air!

And yes, I totally get that world’s going through a bad time right now, and people are suffering. But they are also growing and learning, and getting on with their lives regardless, in the best way they can. Sure, in some ways life may never be the same again as it used to be. But maybe we should be asking ourselves – should it?

And as for me…

Well, I also am learning new things and getting back to things I used to do, living and learning and growing and keeping connections with my loved ones strong. Some things in my life have changed a little, and others haven’t. I’ve got plenty of creative outlets to occupy my time, and my imagination and insatiable interest in life to drive me forward.

So, here I am, diligently sitting before my computer every day, typing and reading and editing and other things generally ascribed to the authorus animalus (in other words, the writer of fiction). And when I’m not, I’m busy living, learning, loving, and looking after my family.

In short, just getting on with it.

Keep a smile on your dial until next time, and peace and love in your heart

From Lana Lea and her time-travelling muse

* Value Added Tax – Britain’s version of GST, which they brought into being in the 1970’s and then hated it so much that they sent the idea over here to us

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